kakabeka falls

Kakabeka Falls Campground

Known as Niagara of the North, Kakabeka Falls drops 40 metres over rock cliffs and some of the oldest fossils in the world. Check out the view from platforms and trails along the gorge or trace voyageurs’ route around the falls in this history-rich park. Features walking and nature trails in summer and groomed cross-country ski trails in winter.


Aerial view of the falls.


Car / tent, and group camping available.



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hiking trails

Hiking trails


Boardwalk Trail – 750 metres, linear, easy, wheelchair accessible
Easily accessible from the main parking lot, the boardwalks and pedestrian bridge provide spectacular views of the falls from viewing platforms on both sides of Kakabeka Falls.
Mountain Portage Trail – 1.25 km, loop, easy, wheelchair accessible
This scenic trail is part of the historic portage that early travelers used to traverse around Kakabeka Falls. The trail provides excellent views of the falls, gorge and river.
Little Falls Trail – 2.5 km, loop, moderate – difficult
This trail begins and ends from a point along the Mountain Portage Trail. The trail features a steep descent into the river valley, picturesque Little Falls and a 30 metre ascent following the historic portage.
Poplar Point Trail – 4 km, loop, moderate
Cycle, jog or walk around this wandering loop that circles the outside of the Whispering Hills Campground. Wildlife and songbirds can be spotted along this trail. In the fall the colours of the aspen forest are a special treat. Groomed for cross-country skiing in the winter.
Beaver Meadows and River Terrace Trails – 2 interconnecting loops off of the Poplar Point Trail. Beaver Meadows: 4.5 km moderate. River Terrace: 3.5 km, moderate.
Primarily used as groomed cross-country ski trails. The trails are not maintained in the summer. The Kaministiquia River valley can be viewed from two lookouts on the River Terrace Trail.

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